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Businesses worldwide are continuously challenged to improve efficiencies and business productivity throughout the organization. Within these organizations, at the business process level Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology offers great potential for businesses to reduce costs and improve throughput and quality by efficiently automating some or all of the manual component of a particular business process. The Epiance Robotic Process Automation (RPA) platform builds on our decades of experience working with hundreds of companies worldwide, improving business process execution with a portfolio of software solutions that facilitate process knowledge transfer, On Demand process performance support and data driven process improvement.

The Epiance RPA platform, which can be used to automate both completely automatable and partially automatable processes, differs from other solutions in that we focus on the entire process and its performance as opposed to automation for the sake of automation. Many of the business processes that are only partially automatable (while still delivering significant business benefits) require a solution approach that improves the performance of the employees involved in the execution of the process.

The Epiance RPA solution framework also adopts a Continuous Process Improvement approach to automation whereby intelligence on process execution is continuously gathered and incorporated into process improvement initiatives on an ongoing basis, delivering business gains in multiple stages. Epiance RPA can be implemented rapidly requiring no programming or scripting to define the process workflow and has unique technology advantages for capturing processes running under Citrix and legacy systems.

  Stages of Automation Project

Study As Is processes and
Discover automation scope
  for each process
List out benefits such as
  percentage of automation,
  reduction in error and time.
Propose candidate
  processes with maximum
Suggest To Be process for
  effective automation
Build / Optimize process
Optimize automation script
Build custom forms for
  verification point
Map dynamic data source
Assemble automation
Cross verify on the target
Deploy solution in target
Configure dashboard for
  centralized monitoring and
Fine tune processes


Offers a sophisticated platform that can be rapidly
Deploys a robust architecture that covers all use case
Provides advanced tools to capture process workflows  
  and define process steps
Automates repetitive processes/tasks, reducing or
entirely eliminating human intervention
Improves efficiency, accuracy and throughput
Reduces costs in the form of reduced errors, reduced
  training expenses, reduced onboarding time and
  manpower requirements

Epiance RPA facilitates building of workflows with dynamic decision or branch points, integrated automation scripts and performance enhancement forms, custom script objects, triggers and dynamic data reading from libraries. All the assets required for creating the automation can be stored in a central repository.



The ERPA runtime player is a zero footprint client engine, installed in the end user machine. It authenticates the user with the ERPA dashboard server. The ERPA player downloads the robot, schedules, triggers and initiates the robot execution based on valid trigger condition or schedule. The player updates the execution status and machine status to the ERPA dashboard server for analysis and reporting.


Using our dashboards one can easily delegate project execution to individual robots, and also manage roles, create and schedule robots, remotely control execution of robots, assigning them to individual agents and to monitor robot run status and the generation of various control reports.

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